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Competence in hard metal – uncompromising in quality and service for your quality products


Highly effective production lines and technologies are extremely important prerequisites in order to remain globally successful in competition.

The appropriate material in the right quality and efficient tools constitute the decisive basis for this.

We offer you both.

Our core business is the distribution of consultation-intensive metallurgical products.

Since 2005 we have been reliable partners for our Europe-wide customer network as supplier of raw materials, finished products and tools preferably made of hard metal in a constantly high quality.

Hard metal is our world. We have a profound understanding of this area right down to the smallest detail.

For this reason, we are not only your supplier, but your expertly qualified partner for problem solutions around this demanding material.

On request, within sale we advice you with regard to the selection of materials, the optimization of tools and cost potentials, design and build tools and develop operating programmes.

You obtain the most suitable hard metal for your product for the corresponding processing by us - in a reliable manner and with the best service.


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Engineering services

Knowledge transfer and training for specific techniques for hard metal production processes Material Analysis for microstructure evaluation, physical and chemical levels, particularly for hard metal Specifications of materials selection for solid carbide and carbide composite - tools, including life improvements Optimization and redesign of tool parts and complete tools made of carbide and carbide steel composites As part of the machining (turning, drilling and milling) creation of tool-specific work plans and corresponding optimized tool use plans Another engineering - service for identification and reduction of potential costs


Shortest lead times through large amount of standard dimension tungsten rods permanently stocked in our warehouse in Schwallungen, central Germany

Wage labor

We offer:

Carbide analysis

Preparation of specimen
Magnetic saturation (4πσ) and coercive force (Hc)
Hardness (HV30)
Palmquist-Test at polished cut
Assessment of microstructural section
EDX analysis (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy)
SEM analysis (scanning electron microscope)

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